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  1. How do I get a quote?
In order to get an accurate quote with a proposed menu, we will need as much information that you know is relevant to your event or service needs. Please fill out the "GETTING STARTED" form and we will get back to you with a quote and menu. 
  To get a rough estimate for yourself, please go to the Menus/Pricing page and determine a per person price for your service style and multiply with your headcount.
 2. What's the difference between a Private or Personal Chef and Catering?
 We cater to all of your needs professionally both intimate and larger gatherings. But we are not typical caterers where your food is purchased and prepared ahead.
 "Personal chefs" prepare all of the meals in your home with fresh and personally hand-selected grocery the day of your event with full service and cleanup.
 "Drop and set" meals are prepared just before service and finished by a personal chef on location without cleanup.
 "Catering" full service is usually billed as a per-person price plus gratuities or other fees if applicable.
  In-Home "Private Chefs", regularly scheduled are billed per hour (minimum 3 hrs. daily)plus the cost of groceries only. Trip/fuel charges may apply.
   3. How do I book and pay for the services?

In order to secure the date of your event, a refundable* deposit will be needed before the event date by Venmo/Paypal. The remainder is due on or before the event. The final Payments can be made with Venmo/Paypal, Our Quickbooks invoicing (ACH), cash, or Business Checks. Some fees may apply to Paypal or Credit Cards. * 100% refundable if you cancel within 3 days after "booking". 50% refundable after 3 days that the balance is applied to your future event. Short notice, "last-minute"( within 3 days of the event) booking deposits are non-refundable but applied to your future event. 

Regularly scheduled Private Chefs are billed weekly. Terms TBD

  4. What about children's meals(under 10) and special dietary needs?

We recommend that you feed your children with the particular familiar foods that they are accustomed to ahead of the adult meals. This saves you money and us time to spend on the more artistic meals. Although, we will cook and serve children's meals if the need is there.

Any dietary need can be met upon request before the event.

 5. What if the head count or menu changes?

You have up to 2 days before the event to make any minor changes to the details, headcount, or menus. The changes to the final bill will be determined after such changes. The labor costs are not usually different in most cases unless there is a significant increase in headcount. The cost of goods purchased will change accordingly.

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