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Is Florida really that great?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Well, I can say a definite YES if you live by the South Atlantic coast of Florida where the water temp is 82-85 and the air temp about the same most of the fall/winter season.

The cuisine influence of Cuba, Dominican, South Islands and seafood that's off the charts, then a resounding YES! Florida is pretty dang great. The fish is abundant in variety and availability. Flavors are multi cultural and crazy fun to blend and experiment with.

So, Pamela and I ventured out this year away from the chilly days of the NJ fall to this warm, beautiful, and clean American melting pot of people, cuisine, and culture.

We drove here with a leap of faith to do a business expansion, research and development plan. We thought if we could do a bit of marketing and tap into our friendly connections down here we'd give it a shot. So far in 2 weeks we've hired two chefs, scored some good work It seems like it will be a place with a future for Finest City Chefs to settle in to late fall, and winter business.

If you visit the area or know of anyone who does, please reach out to us so that we can connect. We're very happy to be "At Your Service" if you or an acquaintance are in need of help of any kind.

Thank you,

Ron and Pamela,

Owners, Finest City Chefs

Socal * NJ Shore * Southeast FL

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Great company of professionals!

Nov 21, 2022
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