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Winter Wellness With Food!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Well, winter is definitely here. Pamela and I left Florida in late December for New Jersey when it was 82 degrees and pulled in to LBI at 12 degrees. A shock of 70 differential.

Left there (after Christmas with family) and headed west to the Chicago area for a visit with kids and grandies where it was about 10 degrees. After 5 freezing days started to head to our final destination, San Clemente, CA. A couple of nice stops on the way west.

Now we're here and settled in and cooking like crazy, but with health and wellness in mind. Lower fat, higher protein, lotsa veg, minimal carbs, and maximum flavors and spice. It's that time of year we stay inside more so gotta watch our calorie intake.

We had some family over for a big Salmon dinner with Farro/Jasmine Rice pilaf, roasted veggies and some good beverages. Yesterday some close friends came by for another great seafood feast with great scratch made Margaritas by Stacy, the guru of Margs.

Next meal that is planned is our annual Cioppino Party that everyone invited gets to play a part in. You get assigned a fish protein to add to my sauce that is gently added in layers and voila, a great meal is created. Some pasta and good Italian baguette... Bam!

Lots of seafood always at our home, but I'm really looking forward to that first In & Out burger that we so long for being East Coast dwellers for 6 months. Couple-3 a year ain't gonna kill ya! You can order them "Protein Style" and save some c's that way if needed.

So, Wishing everyone a very prosperous, tasty, and healthful new Year!!!

Best of Health,

Chef Ron and Pamala Nugent

Finest City Chefs,

At Your Service!

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