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  • Ron Nugent

Winter is time to Eat Well!

The Chill of winter demands that we eat less because we naturally exercise less and stay indoors more. Maybe not Florida, But we crave heavier, fattier foods, and since we're indoors more , we eat more. Dilemma! So what we need to do is watch the fat, desserts, and snacks and grocery shop for high quality foods that are nutritious.

If you get stuck and need some help with personalized meal prep, try hiring a team member from Finest City Chefs.

We will help you organize your pantry, teach you how to shop, prep and of course cook excellent, healthful food. Let us know how we can be of service. (2-20 people)

Three times a week, twice a month or just one time.

We'll let you watch while we do all the work and clean your kitchen as well.

San Diego/Socal ~ South Jersey ~ Southeastern Florida ~ Nashville area Counties

All the best for Health and Prosperity in the New Year of 2024!!!

Chef Ron, Owner FCC

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