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A special message from chef Ron Nugent, Owner

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Whatever the occasion or need, Finest City has a company of chefs ready to serve you!

1.) We provide "Private chefs" to those that need longer term, on-going chefs to rotate as needed to take care of your special dietary needs and busy schedule so you don't miss a day of service.

(2-7 days a week)

2.) We have "Professional Chefs" that are a team of well trained experienced chefs, bartenders and servers for catering the more intimate event or wedding.

We'll make your family or business retreat week for one or more meals throughout your stay an easy task.

Any venue... breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner for your wedding, company or multi-family gathering is our specialty.

Coachella is a great example. Book us for the long festival weekends with your group!

3.) "Personal chefs" go on location to your home, vacation or get-away rental.

Second homes, Airbnb, and VRBO's are FCC's most popular service... hiring a personal chef for that extraordinary meal that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Why leave the comforts of a home atmosphere and travel to a crowded restaurant when you can have the chef, servers, and restaurant come to you? It really is a NO-BRAINER.

Impress your guests with an event that you and FCC creates personally. Your menu is customized, shopped for and cooked on site by your very own chef and server.

Choose your service style and we take care of all of the details completed by a thorough cleaning of your dinnerware and kitchen. (full service)

"No need to ruin the party by going out!"

Unrestricted fun, and no lines to wait in or other parties to compete with.

Whether its a few family members celebrating a special birthday, a college reunion, or 12 Bachelorettes, we've got you covered with great service and excellent food.

Don't wait to book your special date. We often book out well in advance and will never overbook. Pamela and I will insure that you get the best of the best. FCC does not broker unknown chefs like the national companies. You get a local chef that I know and trust. Sometimes you'll even get my wife Pamela and me when we're available. Often times chefs will work in pairs with a sous chef or server for full multi-course service. Groups of larger than 6 have always appreciated the team work of FCC. Simple buffets, family style, or formal sit down multi course meals are all available for your choosing.

Email me your request or visit us today. Thank you for hiring us. You'll be pleased you did.

Chef Ron



Finest City Chefs is at your service!

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